Thursday, January 12, 2012

Block Party: Motivation

I must admit it: my main inspiration for starting a blog was to find a productive and creative outlet for expressing my issues with writer's block.  But I figured a blog exclusively dealing with writer's block would kind of get tedious and, well, boring for readers. So for now, BLOCK PARTY posts are basically discussion posts for those of you that would like to join in on what ails ya or share you that were able to do to work through your issues (please, share!).

Firstly, I'd like to know what motivates a reader to take THE leap and decide to write their own story? The motivation for this decision is probably different for each of us, at least that is what I'm assuming.

My main motivation in writing my own stories is to simply write what I would love to read, but that's the easy-way-out kind-of answer. Tut, tut, yeah?  Okay.  Honestly?  I kind of feel like my stories and my characters are so real and full of life that they should be read and be REAL (to others and not just myself).  It seems I have them locked away and they are trying to beat down the walls of my mind to get out and be realized.  I sometimes think, what if something happened to me and it just never gets written?  People will never know their story...that's not fair to them! Is that kind of egotistical? I mean, every writer loves their stuff.  I love my characters and their story but I feel like I may not do them justice with my writing.  I may not be good enough for them.

Whew! So what about you, reader? What is your motivation?

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